What do you want me to say? I love Batman, quite obviously. I am also desperately in love with too many fandoms to count. I love music and nice people.I am writer, I guess that stuff is bound to happen. My OC is a girl named Celeste so if we see any post about her don't flip out, especially if she is in more than one fandom. I made her to kind of represent the fandom as a whole so she's gotta a bit of everybody in her. Also you can ignore the dragons on the top of my screen. They probably aren't the weirdest thing you've seen on a blog but they don't bite.

50 Days of Doctor Who 50th: (Oct.5) Who is your favorite Companion?

  Rose Tyler is more than my favorite companion. She’s my hero. She taught me that normal is nothing more than a word. You can be more than words. You can be strong and still be a girl that likes girly things. You can look at an adventure and go for it.

Doctor Who Day 1: Who was your first Doctor?